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Jensen's Format Writing

Imric Cort is a shape-shifter who helps on a quest, and Miriya is a warrior Druid. Finally, I am myself an author and have taught paragraph and essay writing to my two older students already, so I felt confident teaching the course with less coaching.

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Jensen's Grammar offers straightforward grammar instruction that moves at a fairly quick pace. It presents a great deal of grammatical vocabulary within each lesson.

although there is more emphasis on sentence patterns and formula writing than previously. More complicated structures and usage are covered along with topics such as.

Straight forward and simple to use, Format Writing teaches the basic components of expository writing—content, style, organization, and mechanics. Instruction begins with learning how to write basic paragraphs and progresses to writing five paragraph essays, book reports, business letters, resumes, and major research papers.

Format Writing by Frode Jensen teaches a logical, systematic approach to both paragraph and essay writing. In spite of the heavy subject matter, the curriculum is easy to use and simple for the student.

Jensen's Format Writing [Frode Jensen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. "This is probably the most comprehensive tool for teaching expository writing at the lowest price." - Cathy Duffy/5(7). Jensen’s Format Writing Teach Expository Writing, Paragraphs, Essays, and Research Papers According to Mr.

Jensen: “You and your students will find practical applications for the 5 paragraph essays when writing book reports and responding to essay test questions. Part of Frode Jensen's classic series of writing homeschool curriculum, Jensen's Format Writing is a curriculum that is easy for both parents and students to use.

The supplemental DVD makes things even easier as it walks parents through how to grade writing and also provides additional teaching material for.

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