Mass effect 2 geth heretics re write a sentence

Heel–Face Brainwashing

However, they lost their memories in the process. It's much milder than what was done to him in the first place, but still harsh. They don't have prisons but dangerous or violent criminals get sentenced to "therapy". According to Legion, geth do not actually live on any of the quarian planets they conquered, serving merely as caretakers for them instead.

Saren claimed that, although they were viewed disparagingly by Sovereign, the geth were valuable as tools, and would therefore survive the Reaper invasion because they were useful. According to Legion, the mainstream geth are content to stay separate from the remainder of Citadel space to "build their own future," and claim that all sentient creatures should have the ability to "self-determinate", strictly adhering to a policy of non-interventionism in respect to the affairs and development of other races.

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The green lines on the floor of the rooms should not be crossed unless you are in position to take out the geth attached to the hubs. He goes rogue in order to search for his obliterated past-the Rebels, aware of this, decide to set things up to convince him that he's the long-lost brother of one of them, in the hopes of turning him against the Empire.

Legion: A House Divided

However, the geth do not share the concept of individuality, and think in terms of the entire collective. This means geth cannot and do not wish to hide their thoughts, even those that do not follow the norm, with their reasoning for differing thoughts being apparent.

Heretic Station

It was also inverted, as it is discovered that the Big Bad was programmed to be even worse than he already was by Cocteau, who wanted to use him against his enemies. The Ark is a brainwashing device that's the only way to stop the Ori worshippers from taking over the galaxy.

Shepard and company put aside their concerns for the moment, focusing on the Reaper control signal, now revealed to have been coming from an actual Reaper. Take a moment to observe your surroundings and don't activate any of the Rocket Drones yet; you will regret it in a few minutes.

Literature In The Stainless Steel Rat series, the protagonist's future wife starts at as a brilliant but hideously amoral and violent con artist.

Heretic Station

Kahlan confesses a convicted murderer who reveals that he did indeed commit the crime. If you don't want option B, you can get your mind psychologically reconditioned.

You must flair all your submissions correctly and appropriately. Molly Moon repeatedly uses her hypnotic powers to turn her nasty antagonists into good guys — though in a more roundabout way than most examples of the trope; she can't re-write someone's personality and for the most part the series is pretty consistent about hypnotic influences wearing off after a while, so Molly's main method is to imprent the villains with a Good Feels Good sensation and hoping they'll remember and stick with this.

The moral objections are raised, but in the end ignored for lack of a better option. The Curse of the Were-Rabbitthe rabbits aren't necessarily evil, but their voracious eating habits are threatening to ruin Tottington Hall's annual vegetable competition.

After she's defeated, Harold and George figure out what happened and Heel-Face Brainwash her for real. During the assault itself, the geth unit reveals that it still contains fragments of Reaper code that will allow all geth to achieve true intelligence.

They obtained an ultimate goal in this time period: Alice also admits he's right, then takes it into her own hands. Either you throw it away or it will explode right in Edward's hands after a few seconds. Heretic Station, as Legion refers to it, is home to a geth data core, capable of broadcasting vast distances through tightbeam projection.

Approximately million copies of geth software are stored in the station, the majority of which are kept bodiless in servers and downloaded to. May 23,  · Best Answer: You get 2 "points" towards the "peace" option for the whole geth/quarian thing if you DESTROY the heretics.

You need 5 minimum to get the "peace" option. If you rewrite the Geth heretics they have a war asset rating of in Mass Effect 3 and the Quarians have a Status: Resolved. For Mass Effect 3 on the Xboxa GameFAQs message board topic titled "Question about Rewriting/Destroying Geth Heretics in ME2".

Jun 19,  · Best Answer: It has no impact on the rest of ME2, in ME3 it is a bit more important. First you need to decide if you plan on allying with the Geth or the Quarians in ME3, or try for both.

If you plan on siding with just the Geth, rewrite the Resolved. And some of the geth might really like you more for rewriting the heretics instead of destroying them. Legion did say that (i think) of his programs favor rewrite and (i think) favor destruction. Regardless, data recovered from geth station offered valuable insight into AI social and technological processes.

Legion should be committed to the mission after Shepard's help with the geth heretics. Paragon Route: Rewriting of geth heretics will make main geth faction significantly more powerful.

To kill the heretics or not to kill them. That IS the question?

Given perception of Reapers, they may be possible allies, though long-term cooperation remains unlikely.

Mass effect 2 geth heretics re write a sentence
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